Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Foodie Readers of this Blog,

I need your help. As most of you probably know, healthy eating is not one of my strong points, and never has been. My two best friends, bread and ice cream, can attest to this fact. Being no fool to the benefits of a diet high in fruits and vegetables, however, I recently underwent a challenge. My self-imposed challenge was to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables for a week (maybe more!). My friends, I lasted four hours before I decided that no person in their right mind would ever undertake, much less be able to, subsist on this crazy diet of air - I mean produce - for more than one apple. It took four hours.

Dear foodie readers, how can I change my ways? I want to change, I really do, but it seems oh so insurmountable. My biggest obstacle, I think, is my inability to think of produce as actual food. I know, what's wrong with this generation, right? Back in the day, fruits and vegetables were the definition of real food, or so I hear. But seriously. When I eat an orange, I feel like I am eating flavored water. It tastes sweet, sure, but it is no more food to me than gum is. I could eat 2,000 calories worth of raw food and still feel like I was starving, simply because I hadn't bitten into anything with substance that day (actually that's a lie, I would never make it to 2,000 calories, as my short-lived challenge has proven).

I know there's the chips made out of kale, and the mashed "potatoes" made out of cauliflower. And I do take comfort in the possibility of these. But is it enough? Is there a way to eat more fruits and veggies and still enjoy eating? Or do I need to suck it up and accept the fact that a healthy Mish is one who has come to terms with a lifetime of flavored water?

Please help.

Picky in Provo


Tiffany said...

You make me giggle. I will write you an email with my input, since you did ask for it. ;)

Collette Mae said...

AAAAAAAhahaha you kill me. I TOTALLY agree though, I can't live off of fruits and veggies because they are so "light". But that's fine because it's not really healthy to do that, our bodies need so much fats and carbs. I find the best thing to do as a poor college student (with an addiction to substance) is just to incorporate 1 fruit and veggie into each meal. I don't always do it, but it's my goal. A banana with my breakfast, an apple with lunch and some green beans, a can of mandarin oranges and salad with dinner with dinner. Throw in a smoothie somewhere in the day. So my advice is just buy stuff that you can eat with every meal (canned fruit, salads, carrots, celery). Add it in but don't live off the stuff!

Karrot Soup said...

Yes, very giggly here too. And no, I don't think you can really only live off produce either (even -I- wouldn't go raw food vegan...) But our basic rule here is, eat your fruit or vegetables FIRST. In fact, I still stand by this link for good basic advice for any level of "diet transformation", hee hee.