Monday, November 10, 2008

Season's Greetings

A little while back I was out with my roommate doing some last-minute Halloween costume shopping when I stumbled upon a cute little jack-o-lantern costume made for those quirky Webkinz animals kids play with these days. Naturally, my first thought was "This'll look perfect on Mo! I must buy it and take festive pictures with her."
So I did. It's a little late, but trust me, well worth the wait! Here, giving the beagles a wild run for their money, is the MishMo Photoshoot 08: Halloween Edition:

Mo really is my child. I found myself pleading with her for "just one good picture" and promising a speedy removal of the costume if she would only humor me. We couldn't get her to look at the camera, she was completely unresponsive to verbal stimuli, and she kept running away, leaving her outfit trailing behind her (turns out it wasn't the best fit...)

(Nudie Mo)

But I still love her.

She's so affectionate.

From MishMo to you, have a great fall season!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


It's true, this blog does not have a very good track record so far in terms of updates, nor is it the most compelling blog to read when said updates materialize. But that's the way I roll, unassuming and timeless. I figured the pattern I'd set forth was destined to hold fast for a while, at least until I managed to secure a spouse, child, or animal (one that doesn't sleep half the year, that is) and then I remembered - I got tagged a while back! And now I have structure. So, for your reading pleasure, here is a collaboration of freestyle tag items compiled from the blogs of Recoupin' and Stranded, plus my own additions. Please, enjoy.

Three Movies/Movie Scenes that Consistently Make Me Cry:

-The Fox and the Hound - particularly the scene where she drops Todd off in the forest and leaves him there to dwindle in the rain and confusion and loneliness of the forest, and all the woodland creatures are mean to him and he doesn't have a place to sleep, you know the one

-Evita - Col. Peron sets the brake on Eva's wheelchair and begins to carry her up the stairs to bed because she's terminally ill and he loves her, even though she's dying and will no longer be an asset to his career,; that doesn't even matter, he loved her all along! Cue poignant cello music, cue blubbereing Mish

-Charly - cliche, I know, but why??? Why did Charly have to die?!

Three Things I Unequivocally Fear:

-Get-to-know-you games
-Sleep deprivation

Five Foods I Could Easily Subsist On Permanently:

-Crackers (specifically Wheat Thins and Cheez-its, if I'm allowed to choose)
-Chicken salad sandwiches
-Ice cream
-You said it, Tiff - chicken fingers with honey mustard

Three Books I'm Currently Reading or Pretending to Read:

-A Grief Observed
-Believing Christ
-my American history textbook

Five Places I Would Like to Live or Visit ('visit' here applies firmly to the last two):

-P.E.I, Cananda
-Malta, Moldova, or some other obscure eastern European country - just to say I have, you know?

Six Majors I've Attempted:

-Wildlife & Wildlands Conservation
-Integrative Biology
-Public Health

The Three Things in This Life that Unfailingly Provoke Me to Anger:

-People who smoke in tight, confined spaces (like mosh pits)
-Any and all forms of animal cruelty
-Teenage boys and their crude jokes. It isn't even the vulgarity so much that bugs me as the total lack of imagination that goes into those jokes. If you're going to be crude, at least be creative about it.

Twelve Things I Love Dearly:

-my family
-my roomies
-ice cream
-80's music
-drum cadences
-C.S. Lewis
-my straightener

Five Lofty Aspirations That I Don't Have the Resources to Achieve Now (but hopefully someday):

-save the manatees
-support small businesses
-grow and manufacture all my own food
-get all the war vets off the streets and provided for
-befriend and nurture all the depressed, misunderstood and otherwise emo kids

Seven Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Blogging:

-looking for a job
-edifying my mind
-Hist 220 homework
-volunteering at that retirement center that I made half-hearted commitments to a while back
-Buying Roomie's birthday present
-yeah, I really should be looking more actively for a job right now

Well then. Guess I'll go do those things... but before I go, I decidedly tag Ma! You're it!

Friday, September 12, 2008


After my nine 'o clock class this morning I stopped by the progressive book sale outside the bookstore because today everything is 90%Off!, and do you know what I found? I'll tell you what I found; it was Love Among the Walnuts, one of my favorite books from middle school. So I bought that book, right then and there, and do you know how much I paid for it? Try 74 cents. That's right, seventy-four. 7-4. Cents. Today, I can do no wrong.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Here's to you, Tifferoo

On this my pilot post, I'd like to give a shout-out to birthday girl Tiff, without whose friendly jabs and pleas this blog might never have been conceived. Tiff, my posterity thanks you. Happy happy birthday - U ROOL!