Monday, November 10, 2008

Season's Greetings

A little while back I was out with my roommate doing some last-minute Halloween costume shopping when I stumbled upon a cute little jack-o-lantern costume made for those quirky Webkinz animals kids play with these days. Naturally, my first thought was "This'll look perfect on Mo! I must buy it and take festive pictures with her."
So I did. It's a little late, but trust me, well worth the wait! Here, giving the beagles a wild run for their money, is the MishMo Photoshoot 08: Halloween Edition:

Mo really is my child. I found myself pleading with her for "just one good picture" and promising a speedy removal of the costume if she would only humor me. We couldn't get her to look at the camera, she was completely unresponsive to verbal stimuli, and she kept running away, leaving her outfit trailing behind her (turns out it wasn't the best fit...)

(Nudie Mo)

But I still love her.

She's so affectionate.

From MishMo to you, have a great fall season!


Joe and Christie said...

Oh, Mish.

This made my night. I have a few ideas for our '08 Christmas card, and you better believe they involve beagle gimmicks...

I was wondering what became of sweet Mo, thanks for the update.

(And your hair is looking lustrous and superfab, btw ;)

Tiffany said...

The only thing cuter than Mo in a pumpkin suit is... YOU in pumpkin colors. I'm so happy MishMo is alive and thriving (but did you have to interrupt hibernation for the shoot?). Now I can't wait to see your lion's mane! (And I'm still really curious about Ursula's tentacles.)