Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Great Talk

"In considering such beauty of the “at-one-ment” in that first Easter season, we are reminded that this relationship between Christ and His Father is one of the sweetest and most moving themes running through the Savior’s ministry. Jesus’ entire being, His complete purpose and delight, were centered in pleasing His Father and obeying His will. Of Him He seemed always to be thinking; to Him He seemed always to be praying. Unlike us, He needed no crisis, no discouraging shift in events to direct His hopes heavenward. He was already instinctively, longingly looking that way."

--Jeffrey R. Holland, The Hands of the Fathers

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Teach is talking about heuristics

I am blogging from class. Yes, I am bragging. Why did I never think of bringing my lappy to this horrendously long and boring class before? I love the modern age!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Brenda Returns

Ok, this is getting out of control. Within the past three days we have received two more, nearly identical sympathy cards from Brenda, chock-full of the same disjointed moving intentions, parental nostalgia, and Osmond family love. Brenda, you're breaking our hearts! What do you want from us?! We've entertained the idea of coordinating a trip for her to fly down to Les Vegas and meet her idols, but that requires funds we don't have. We have also considered forging the Osmonds' john hancocks and sending them her way, but that is cruel. Anyone have any better ideas?

Meanwhile, back on the home front:

I'm not usually a fan of Train, but for this song I'll make an exception. It reminds me of falling in love.

Also, lovin' this talk.

and this movie

And, you've probably noticed that my layout is all skiwampus these days, and I apologize. Does anyone know how to fix my page so that all those page elements currently situated at the bottom go to the right side of my page instead, like all the normal peoples' blogs? I tried dragging them in Arrange Page Elements but it didn't work. Help.

Also, is anyone else sick of Michael Buble? Great guy as far as I can tell, but man am I ready for him to gracefully exit the airwaves. I can't really say why.

Also, is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset? And he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he's carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you're drunk.

Till next time--

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yet Another Reason Why My Job is the Greatest

Coworker this morning: "Hey, can you look at that chart over there on the bulletin board, the one that says where to give unusual mail?"

Me: (refers to piece of paper on bulletin board titled, 'Unusual Mail') "Yeah."

Coworker: "Who does it say to give creepy handwriting from Canada to?"

Me: (finds line where someone has written "creepy handwriting from Canada --> Admissions") "Admissions."

Coworker: "K, thanks."

Intrigued, I ask to be able to examine this unusual, apparently common, piece of mail. Sure enough, it is from Canada. And yes, the handwriting is pretty creepy. It is addressed to "Bringham Young University."

Coworker: "Yeah, we've been getting these ever since I've worked here."

The real jackpot appears when we decide to help Admissions out and open the envelope ourselves.

Inside we find a generic, 90's-style, fold-out sympathy card, reciting things like "Our loved ones leave the world, but never our hearts" and other such corny adages. And then....

"To this may concern
I am leaving my apartment
The Osmonds' parents are
Dead. My parents are dead.
I miss my Mom.

The Osmonds are married.
I can't meet Donny Osmond.
Please give this card
To the Osmond Family.
Donny and Marie Osmond
Are in Les Vegas.
I hate Goderich."
(this last part had us puzzled until we realized that the card was sent from Goderich, Ontario)

With Sympathy
"Brenda C--" (I have abbreviated the culprit's name for privacy's sake)

I feel for Brenda, I really do. That sucks that her parents are dead, and that she misses her mom. And I know what it's like to hate your current place of residence, too, Brenda. So I'm happy for her. She says she's leaving her apartment, and this detail is confirmed on the front of the envelope as well (you can see it in the lower left corner). Way to take your life by the horns, Brenda.

The question is, how do I go about notifying Donny and Marie of this address change? I should probably start by forwarding this on to Les Vegas.