Friday, September 12, 2008


After my nine 'o clock class this morning I stopped by the progressive book sale outside the bookstore because today everything is 90%Off!, and do you know what I found? I'll tell you what I found; it was Love Among the Walnuts, one of my favorite books from middle school. So I bought that book, right then and there, and do you know how much I paid for it? Try 74 cents. That's right, seventy-four. 7-4. Cents. Today, I can do no wrong.


Kyle and Tiff said...

I used to love those progressive sales! Unfortunately, I never found the gem I was looking for: the Milli Vanilli story. (someone must have gotten it on 50% Monday, I'm sure.)

Joe and Christie said...

How did I miss the memo on Mishtown???

SKISLN said...

I'm starting to think that Mishtown's grand opening was not a highly publicized event.

You've been found out, Mish.