Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Trying to be Profound

One morning, maybe two months ago, I woke up with the distinct sense that my actions that day would be inconsequential. I mean, temporally speaking. I knew that it really didn't matter how I did at school that day, what I got done, what I didn't get done, what sort of interactions I had with the people around me, how far I ran or what I ate. None of these things amounted to anything important. They were just motions to go through, all laid out for me to help me achieve the one really meaningful purpose, and that is to return with honor. And that's what every day is, an endless stream of opportunities to prove myself, to learn and grow and become the kind of being who will one day be exalted. I honestly think the Lord couldn't care less about what grade I get in Engl 202 this semester, so long as taking the class has somehow made me more likely to get back to Him. So long as you make it home safe, does it really matter by which route you got there? I don't know what provoked my mind to think such crazy things at 6:30 in the morning, but it did, and I was so grateful. It was such a novel and refreshing truth. Of course, it was gone within five minutes and I was back to worrying about what I needed to to do that day, what does so-and-so think of me, will I get to take a nap this afternoon. That's the veil, I suppose - some days diaphanous, some days a little more opaque.

Ok, now for some light-hearted fun, go here.


Karrot Soup said...

I don't know about profound -- you probably reached that, but then my memory was overwritten by the links you provided. Wow! (And ick!) Good that those 10 minutes I spent reading creepy stuff doesn't matter in the eternal scheme of things, right?

Bryce said...

Way to be profound! Mish, your existential musings are so familiar to me :-) But you're right - temporal concerns themselves are ultimately inconsequential, yet at the same time how we approach them has everything to do with the things of eternity. Although the specific things we do in life are not unimportant, God cares most about where our hearts are!

Mish said...