Wednesday, March 3, 2010

25 Things

Remember a while back when those "25 Things About Me" lists were all the rage on facebook? Remember? The idea was to compose a list of 25 little-known, fun facts about yourself and then tag some other people to do it, and the idea was that everyone got to know each other a little better; also, you got a chance to talk about yourself. I never did one of those myself, because I hate conformity, but the truth is that I love things like that. I love fun facts. I love fill-in-the-blank get-to-know-yous. I could fill those things out all day. When I was little I used to make stats lists about myself all the time - "Favorite color in 1998", "Favorite animal in 1st grade", that kind of thing. Is that weird? I just love the idea of having a composite picture of myself on paper. It feels so secure. There I am, in this many words. There's nothing nebulous about it.

Unfortunately, I'm also painfully conscious of the fact these things are typically outlets for the self-obsessed, so I try to limit how often I do them. I hate the thought of being perceived as self-obsessed.

But I figure a sufficient amount of time has passed since the peak of this particular craze'll forgive me if I indulge, right? Can I claim as a saving grace the fact that I like reading other peoples' as much as I like doing them myself? Can I? Can I have it? Can I? Ok whatever, I'm just going to do it.

25 Things About Mish

1. Like I said, I hate conformity. Being the same as everyone else, being predictable - these are some of my greatest fears.

2. Also like I said, I hate the thought of being perceived as self-obsessed. My greatest interpersonal fear is that someone will think I'm conceited.

3. I love eyelets and lacy things. I'm girly that way.

4. I can't stand to sit on a seat that has been pre-warmed by someone else's butt-heat.

5. I love making lists.

6. I secretly wish I was Rory Gilmore.

7. I'm a selective germaphobe; that is, I regularly eat food off the floor, but I recoil from touching knobs and handles of any kind.

8. I want people to like me.

9. I can't swallow pills.

10. It may take me a while to warm up to you, but once I decide to commit, I am a golden retriever. Occasionally a barnacle.

11. Mascots, Chuck E. Cheese, and pretty much any other person dressed in a huge costume scare me.

12. I am impulsive.

13. I hate it when the audience starts clapping "to the beat" of whatever musical thing is occurring on stage. Please don't ever do that to me if we're sitting next to each other when this happens.

14. I have never successfully blown my nose.

15. I like to take care of people.

16. I have a chapstick fetish.

17. I like arranging, organizing, and alphabetizing. E.g., my closet is arranged in perfect ROYGBIV order.

18. I'm a blue/white, amiable/analytical, INFJ, Type B introvert.

19. I almost always cry in movies when an innocent animal dies.

20. I have this recurring nightmare in which I've somehow ended up behind the wheel, alone, except that I have no idea how to drive, and I'm panicking, and I don't know where I'm going, and it usually ends in some kind of fiery crash.

21. I have a soft spot for elderly men.

22. It annoys me when people start packing up early before a class ends.

23. I think I have a mild fruit allergy.

24. I prefer to eat my ice cream with a fork.

25. I can pogo stick like nobody's business.

Man, that was way too much fun. I tag SKISLN, Karrot Soup, Recoupin', Stranded, Musings, and anyone else who reads this blog!


Joe and Christie said...

Oh, man. Good stuff all around. I especially appreciated #10 and #14. I could list a lot of the same things (#4! #11! #13!), but I wouldn't want to aggravate the feelings expressed in #1. ;)

Tiffany said...

Just when you think you know a Mish... I didn't know several of these things about you (fruit allergy?!), and also you are one of the least cliche, predictable people I know. And one of the least conceited. Seriously. Make another list, pleeez? That was a lot of fun to read.

Karrot Soup said...

Pogo sticks and nose blowing -- I hesitate to use the word enlightening, but I think that's what some of those were. My own most similar-o-meter went off at #5 though, just by the by.

heidi said...

Mish I love you. And I did not kno this re-dream thing! So evidently reading your blog is not just reading all our conversations in written form. I feel sheepish. Consider me your new blog stalker!