Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Ok. First. Take a gander at them nails. As T, Kj and I discovered, it actually works! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING. Go here for directions. Better yet, just git yerself on over to my pinterest page, cause you should really be checking that out anyway. Pinterest is love.

Second. All I ever want to do these days is sit on my bed and watch 30 Rock. I'm sorry to say my Tina Fey girl-crush continues to escalate to unhealthy proportions.

Third, you know that thing where you're responsibly waiting at a crosswalk for the white stick man to show up, and all of the sudden some bold character shuffles past you and starts crossing the street, and for a brief second you're all confused and thinking Wait! He's not here yet! And next you're feeling all lame and prudeish for being so law-abiding. You know, that thing? Yeah.

Fourth, a very warm welcome to my scrumptious new niece, Amelia. If birth stories are your thing, perhaps go read my sister's blog post about Amelia's birth, cause it's hilarious. Except what am I saying? You all know this! Cause she's your sister too.

Also, totally jazzed to be approaching graduationdom. Larsens, winter the way it was meant to be lived (eat it, Utah), and also T. has agreed to perform an intervention in my out-of-control carb addiction. I predict many convulsions and gnashings of teeth during those first few weeks of detox, but maybe after that my body will be able to accept roughage again. And maybe these next few weeks I'll be unconsciously filling up on Hostess fruit pies to make up for the upcoming famine, or maybe not so unconsciouslywhat? I don't wanna talk about it. Apple's my favorite.


Amanda said...

Hope finals go alright!

Kyle said...

I can't wait! I want to put that last paragraph on the quote wall. I'm so excited to detox with you-- I'll be needing it, too, after the Goodwin holiday spread/counter of nutritional demise. -T

SKISLN said...
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Karrot Soup said...

Ha ha, somehow I missed this post until now -- I'm SO with you on the crosswalk thing!