Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elderly Men, Bee $ Bling, and Flenna

Friday was my last day at the assisted living facility. You'll remember my glowing evaluation at the beginning of the semester of all things stooped and wrinkly. I'm happy to report that I was not disillusioned. Sure, you've got your crotcheties, your gossips, not to mention your eternally-smelling-of-uric-acid's, but all these things aside, I'm still convinced that they are the most wonderful brand of people you will ever meet. I'm certainly going to miss them. Anyhow, I went around and said personal goodbyes to some of my favorites - thus the myspace-like photos below. Oh, and I may have tweaked them a tad on picnik?

Blind, snarky, loveable Dean. This guy never failed to give me a hard time for trying to recruit him for activities. He also never failed to seek me out afterwards to inform me that he went to them. He's my favorite.

Sweet, sweet Ben who earned a silver star in the Korean War, writes books on LDS divorce prevention, and makes me feel like a hundred bucks. This goodbye was especially hard. We even kissed on the lips, but I don't want to talk about that any further. The point is, he's my favorite.

This one looks like an engagement photo, and that's kind of awkward, but I still love this guy too. Casey has the most raucous laugh you've ever heard, wears sunglasses at all times, and brings himself to tears every time he plays the piano in the lobby. Several disturbing lip-kisses at this goodbye too, but I REALLY don't want to talk about that, because this is going to be remembered as a sweet event, ok? Not an icky one. Cause he's my favorite.

Oh, so then I shot the breeze with Bee Money and we said our goodbyes. Frankly, the Bee $ issue troubles me. How do you solve a problem like Bee Money? Eh, I've been trying to formulate in words exactly what I mean, but it's not working , so I'll just insert some key words for now: responsibility, community, mental deficits, caretaking. Just so you know, he's as pure and good as they come.

Oh, and then there was that time Carol, Michael and myself performed that embarrassing photoshoot at the Salt Flats (embarrassing because we performed a photoshoot - the pictures themselves were fine). (That's a lie, the pictures were embarrassing, too).

Oh right, Flenna. Flenna: that thing where you're happily flossing when you notice that your floss seems to be an unnatural yellowish color, and then you follow your discolored string to the source, only to find that you have been unwittingly dragging it through the not-quite-dried henna paint on your hand, which means, of course, that you have been flossing with henna. Flenna.


Kyle said...

Flenna! Hahahaha! Love it! Love all of it. Mish, you are my own personal Jack Handey these days. And I've ingested approximately 37 cookies in the past two days so you're going to need to perform a post-holiday intervention on me, as well... -T

Stephanie said...

What beautiful Provo good-byes. Those old men pics are so sweet- I bet they were heartbroken to have you leave. You are such an example of good service and touching lives.

On a lighter note- your writing style never ceases to make my day. :)

Audge said...

Dude. Bee Money did NOT throw up the shocker sign. I just ran into him a few times within a couple days. He bore his testimony in my ward a couple weeks ago. It was tender. Michelle, I am sad that we didn't get to feast before you left! I was sick as a dog all finals week. It was a beast of an illness. Hope Arizona is fantastic.