Friday, May 14, 2010

Life at Sea

(Facebook just got deluged with about 700 of these pictures yesterday, but I thought I'd post a sampling here for the two of you who don't have facebook).

So, I went on a cruise last week. I went with my BFF Carol, her mom H., and H's friend P. Needless to say, it was the happiest place on earth. Yes, even happier than Disneyland. I know of a couple sisters of mine who might be liable to disown me for that statement, but I can no longer honestly vow otherwise. A cruise is truly the happiest place on earth. In pictures, here's what we did:
We spent a lot of time just being ridiculously happy about the fact that we were on a cruise.

We looked at the pretty water below us.

We went on a crazy whirlwind cab ride through Mazatlan.

We were spazzes on the beach in Mazatlan.

We went snorkeling in Cabo.

We lounged in our room.

We docked in Puerto Vallarta.

(by the way, these are not in chronological order at all)

We saw really pretty rock formations and ocean splash-ations in Cabo.

We guzzled approximately 50 virgin piƱa coladas.

We hung out on the top deck where all the action happened.

(don't worry, it got sunnier as the week went on, so these laying out people got what they came for).

We marveled at how huge and pretty our ship was (the "Sapphire Princess").

We walked around Mazatlan and dodged vendors.

We fell in love with the Maitre d' (ok, so maybe that was just me)

We signed H. up for karaoke and she humored us with some lovely Patsy Cline.

We got randomly screamed at by this bum in Mazatlan - very possibly the best part of the trip.

I fell in love (again), this time with an iguana on the beach in Mazatlan.

We hung out on the top deck some more when it was all pretty and nighttimey and secluded.

We took a really fun, really fast speed boat to get to the snorkeling spots in Cabo.

We watched a fruit and veggie carving demonstration.

We ate frog legs.

We dressed up for formal night.

We delighted in our Filipino waiter, Elvis (especially when he walked around wielding a baked alaska like that)

We got to hang with dolphins, and here's the proof

We watched a cultural performance

as well as a dance party hosted by Satan

then we got pulled up to dance with Satan.

We attended another dance party on the ship and it was out of control.

We found a crucifix on the beach (but were unable to lift it).

We ate caviar (I don't recommend).

We were best friends forever.

This is Cabo.

We got fried.

We took full advantage of the 24hr. buffet

We got off the ship in Puerto Vallarta.

We loved our lives in Mazatlan some more.

We bartered, and won.

And pretty much it was the happiest thing that's ever happened to me and I'm sad that real life is happening again. Also, I'm trying to convince Ma and Fa that they should go on a cruise, because I think they would seriously love it, so if you wouldn't mind helping me convince them, that's be great.

Viva Mexico!


Tiffany said...

No need for more persuasion, I think Dad and I are sold on the idea of a cruise. Mexico seemed a lot like Hawaii with the beautiful beaches and sunny climate, but without the high prices. I am glad you had so much fun with C. Ah! To be young again!

Joe and Christie said...

You had Mom at "buffet"... (And a 24/7 buffet at that! Nice!)

First, love the bangs. You and Tiff rock them like the hapa hotties that you are. Second, love your cute outfits, especially C's green dress with shrug. Me likey lots.

Third, I never thought I'd enjoy a cruise, but you've got me thinking about taking the honeymoon we never had...

Glad you had such a rad time, can't wait to see you soon!

Tiffany said...

yay! I'm so glad you had such a fab time. Let's only do cruises for vacations from now on. -(the real) T

Bryce said...

Man, I hear Satan really knows how to host a party!