Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More pix, and a pep talk

This was at mile 18 when I first made contact with TKEEC. Apparently they had been following me for about a mile in snail-slow traffic, but I was jamming out to my ipod so I didn't hear them until they drove right up next to me screaming. It was so great to see them! Their raucous support gave me the push I needed to make it through the next 8.2 miles of death.

This is how I felt at mile 24.

One bite of chocolate peanut butter Clif bar, one suppression of nausea, and one cup of gatorade - and we're off!

Here's a a rear shot of the one from last post. Woohoo!

Thanks to everyone for your support and congratulations. Without waxing too corny, I will say that the significance of this accomplishment, for me, extends far past physical training and endurance. Marathons are without a doubt a mental affair. And yes, it can be argued that those who choose to run them are certifiably insane. Still, I knew going into this and I know now that the completion of this marathon would be as much a triumph of the brain as of the body, and now I have hope once more that I am in control of both. Game on, Mish's brain. Game on.

I'd also like to add that if I can do this, you all can. Seriously. I highly encourage each of you to throw out your preconceived limitations and rethink what you're capable of. I will be running the SLC marathon next April and I would love to have a running buddy this time :)

Shout-out to brother S. on his upcoming marathon this weekend! I have you to thank for giving me the notion in the first place. You're going to own that thing.

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