Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Joe and Christie said...

Hey, did Tiff take any pictures or should I order one of these?

Karrot Soup said...

I don't understand the title, but cool pic! (They've got quite a racket going there, haven't they

SKISLN said...

You'll have to forgive K. for missing the reference--she's only seen the first Rocky movie, and has only seen it once, and has only seen it at all because I put my foot down and made her watch a boxing movie.

When/if I cross the finish line, I hope to look half as together as you did. Way to go, sis!

Mish said...

Thanks everyone! I have to admit that I actually haven't seen any of the Rocky movies myself and am really just a shameless-quoter-of-movies-I-have-never-seen-but-wish-to-take-credit-for-anyway. And yes, Tiff did take some pictures so there's no need to order any of these. I'll post some soon. :)