Monday, May 7, 2012

Four Words or Less

Black Hawk Family Day

Cute Mom so proud
Certificate from Sikorsky

Family Day again
So proud of him
Graduating class sitting patiently
Futuristic arms pin aviator
Band was there, too
Then started road trip
He once flew those
This is Alabama
Alabamans do this often
Thanks Mom and Dad!
We found a battleship!
JJ obviously thrilled
"Roam if you want to"
Passed through Biloxi, MS
I think says Louisiana?
"We're in Louisiana" faces
No wonder Katrina happened

Made it to Texas
San Antonio Riverwalk
We remembered it
Drove by Mexican border
Beautiful El Paso
Vegas was cool
Missed Bellagio Fountain Show :(
Graduated, though!
Genuine Fa smile!
Ma's purse model
Nerds, of course
High as my dreams
Obviously this happened, too
We hiked Stewart Falls
Carol Todd married finally!


Joe and Christie said...

Dang girl, no wonder I haven't seen you on the Pinterest lately! What an exciting time in your life... savor it!

Emily Schild said...

Mish, I love this! How cool are you? Oh P.S. I'm expecting serious hangouts when I return even though you and Carol will be old married women by then.

Mish said...


Kyle said...

love it all. how did your exhilarating 1.5 days with me not make it into the post, though, and a louisiana road sign did??? still love you. -T

Mish said...

Sorry T! I didn't take any pictures during those 1.5 days, probably cause it was too exhilirating.