Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Camera as of late

Not that my camera is terribly representative of what life is really like - nevertheless, here's some recent pictures I thought some might enjoy.

The Rex Lee Run got run, oh yes it did. In your face, cancer!

JoJo had a birthday! We made her this cheery owl cake, which means that I made the cake and Carol made it cute.

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Oh JoJo, I love that kid.

Hey, it's JJ! And me! Oh, and we're snorkeling, which happens to be my favorite thing to do ever.

This was my first time to FL, or even to the south at all for that matter. I loved it. It's America's best kept secret (besides Appalachia's drunken little people, but we won't get into that just now).

I have to admit that the snorkeling this time around was less than impressive - we saw nary a fish, mostly just urchins and clams - but one lucky diver did manage to find this guy:

Yeah, he's pretty adorable.

Well sorry everyone, that was probably the most boring post that's ever happened to you. I'm so bored I think I'm going to go to bed even. Hey, and whatever happened to that weird indie LTLYM series I was going to do? Huh. Ok, bed.

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