Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everything is cool

Here's a brief update in "things-that-were-awesome" format:

Painting and beautifying our room was awesome.
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The circus was super weird, and awesome.

This fruit basket cake I made for Carol's birthday, which happened to be vegan, which happened to be the most delicious chocolate cake anyone had ever had, was awesome.

Seeing this disturbed little man perform in concert was AWESOME.

Free tickets to Motocross was awesome.

This book was awesome.

Phoenix was much too short, but still awesome.

And those are the things that are awesome.


Joe and Christie said...

Wow, so much awesomeness in so little time! You saw the Smashing Pumpkins or just Billy sad-sack Corgan? Either way... awesome.

I'd like one of them cakes for my birthday (please).

Tiffany said...

Phoenix was so short we didn't even take a single picture! Come back, Mish! Let's make some more of that awesome together! (As of yet, I am cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner for Kyle and my children. Pathetic. Please come rescue us.)

Mish said...

J&C - it was all the pumpkins, although Billy seems to be the only original member still in place so it was pretty much all about him anyway. And after that package you sent me, I'll make you any cake you want!

Tiff, we'll always have Phoenix. :) It just might be a few extra weeks..