Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time to Kill

Here are some unconnected thoughts for you, from me, as of 9:32am, 7 Jan 2010:

  • I love my job because I am being paid to blog.
  • I am po'. It's my own fault. Thanks for the financial reinforcements as always, parents!
  • Boys make me sad.
  • I miss Teancum.
  • And my family.
  • I really enjoy BYU bookstore cinnamon sugar bagels with apple cinnamon cream cheese. Mmmm.
  • Mail-sorting ruins the flesh around my nails.
  • Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens is a great song and I am inexplicably obsessed with it.
  • Speaking of great songs, thanks to Bryce for letting me kife "The Resistance" (by Muse) from him. Why is that band so rockin'?
  • I made apple waffles on my new waffle iron yesterday and it was successful and delicious. Love it.
  • Campus Plaza is kind of ridiculous in its ghetto-ness. It's cool though.
  • Single student life is lonely. I hate it.
  • I'm kind of a downer, huh.
  • Well...
  • Running makes me happy.
  • And so does black-bottom cherry cream cheese pie.
  • Also, I watched Wayne's World last night, and while it is pretty much really crude and dumb, I also found it to be undoubtedly comedic. I'm glad there are some movies like that.
  • Yesterday in my abnormal psych class, I watched a how-to video from the 40's on performing lobotomies. Gross. And fascinating! Did you know that the Utah State Hospital is 125 years old? It is, like, a legit, creepy, old-time insane asylum. Maybe I should quit school and take a year-long tour of all the historic insane asylums of America. That sounds like a good use of my time and resources.
  • My boss is the sweetest, most good-humored, old man ever. He is a Vietnam vet. His hands are really dry and crackly. He gives me the rock nearly every morning. I love him. I love old men.
  • I have much respect for bus drivers, especially the ones who have been driving the same route for over 30 years. That is unfathomable to me. But then, I do have a lot of growing up to do.
  • I only have one class today. That is happy.
  • That bookstore bagel and cream cheese is sounding pretty applicable right about now. But then I'd have to leave this room and walk out in the cold and then walk back. Is it worth it? And when should I nap? Or should I? It's very important to schedule one's naps carefully.
  • Deep purple and cranberry actually go pretty well together, I think. I didn't used to think so.
  • Ok, I have a plan. I'm going to go buy a bagel, eat it, then take a brief nap in the B-wing bathroom, then go to class, then resume my nap until my friend (lets call her Lola) comes to pick me up and take me to Murray. Cool. Ready, break.
  • Am I seriously going to post this? Yes. Yes, I am.


SKISLN said...

Mish, you are so cool. Are there still people in the world who don't know that you are so cool? Discretely point them out and an education will be administered.

Kyle said...

amen, SKISLN. Also, it's refreshing to hear you write about nothing in particular. It is somehow more entertaining than most people's big news. Also, does this mean you're coming up today? Yippeee! Wait, is it to see me or Teancum? I'll take it either way.

Bryce said...

I love this post, Mish! Old men with crackly hands who give you the rock are the coolest!

Karrot Soup said...

See how much love you get from disjointed thoughts? This was great...but what or who is Teancum

Karrot Soup said...

(Hey, where did my question mark go?)

Mish said...

Wow, so much love, thanks guys! I think we've found a winning format for all of my forthcoming entries!
And Teancum is the Larsens' pet turtle. :)