Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Back in the U.S.S.R.

Dude. It has been quite a while. So much for my Sizzler approach. I think SKISLN is right about my offending some blogger deity; ever since the offense it has been too scary to risk offending him again. Sort of like how it's been too scary to go back to that C-wing bathroom.

It doesn't help that I have nothing to say and no new pictures with which to compensate.

But hey, who said I needed new pictures? I really enjoy the low amount of blogging effort that the picture-caption format entails, so I choose that. I'll save my discussion on the ethics of whaling for next time.

Halloween 08! With the exception of Kathryn aka Shawn Johnson, my roomies and me dressed up as Disney villains; from left to right: Malificent, Madam Mim, Scar, and Ursula. It was fantastic. Oh, and I made Ursula's costume all by myself, heck yes I did.

This is Steph and me doing our own rendition of an emo heart that we saw online. So maybe it's a little on the angular side, but I still think this is a pretty rad picture. Can't you feel the angst?

I realize that stealing a shopping cart is something I ought to have gotten out of my system in junior high, but I'm a late bloomer. His name was Lewis. We rolled him home, carried him up the steps to our apartment, and unloaded our goods right there in the kitchen. He boarded in our living room for a few weeks and then one day he was gone. Later we found out that one of the roomies had taken it upon herself to wheel him back to Smith's. With her boyfriend inside. College is great.

You know, as far as pillows go, butts are some of the comfy-est things your tired head can find.

This is Mo as a bambino. It is hard to describe the unfounded motherly love I feel for her when I look at this picture. The beaglespot understands.

I know we've all seen this one before, but this pic is so epic that I thought it deserved a reprise. And to think, all it took to spark such brilliance was probably a bunch of us standing around together, and Ma, her Kodak-moment radar not to be stymied, suggesting, "Hey kids, why don't you put on these hats and look at me?"


Karrot Soup said...

I remember the college cart days -- we almost took one into an international film, but decided against it (but we did take all our groceries in with us).

Mish said...

Haha! That is awesome. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who entered college with a lingering desire for cart theft.

Joe and Christie said...

That's my favorite picture of Bob. Classic.

How long does the average bearded dragon live?

Mish said...

Joestie, I'm glad you asked. I'd always thought I had a good 50ish years with Mo, but I just looked it up and apparently the way they're bred these days, I opnly have 7-10 years. Mo is already 6! Suddenly every day with her is precious.