Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now I Have Guilt

I did something uncharacteristically mean-spirited today and I feel I must confess.
So, remember that favorite napping spot of mine in the second floor, C-wing bathroom of the ASB? Yes, well, it's still my favorite napping spot, and I've taken to napping there nearly every day after the morning route. Today as I was falling asleep I had a thought come to my head, which went something along the lines of, "I wonder if anyone cares that I sleep in here. No one's ever confronted me about it. Huh."

Well. Call it intuition, or maybe foresight, but guess what happened next? I woke up about an hour and a half later and happened to turn over and glance acros the room, where my eyes found this neon sticky note taped to the edge of the counter, right where I could see it:

I was stunned. Who would write such a thing? Didn't they know I AM an employee? I didn't mean to impose on anyone, I just get really tired sometimes! Is it so wrong to want to take a nap in a vacant bathroom lounge? The hearted exclamation point merely added insult to injury.

I tried to go back to sleep, but of course my affronted mind wouldn't rest. Self-conscious distress quickly morphed into bitterness, so I made my way down to the mailroom where I knew I would find a sympathetic co-worker. Kathryn was just as outraged as me. After a bit of brainstorming, we responded with this:

"Dear passive-aggressive employee,
Do you always heart your exclamation points? Anyway, I am an employee here, but thanks for your concern" (followed by three obnoxious hearted exclamation points).

The more I read over that, the more immature it looks. It's probably the brattiest thing I've ever done. And of course as soon as I left it I felt instantly guilty for spreading contention. I will let this stand as another testament of the importance of abstaining from action in a moment of anger.

But. I have to admit... it certainly made our day more interesting. When we went around the building for the noon route, Kathryn checked up on the note to see if the offender had anything else to say, and she found it in an angry crumple in the garbage can, with a hole in it (?!).

On that note, you should all go here
(apologies for the occasional profanity on above-linked website)

Enjoy your workspaces, everyone.

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Joe and Christie said...

Mich, you're my favorite passive-aggressive-note-writer-confronter. I've seen that website and it has some pretty classic stuff on it. Napping is sacred, don't people realize this?!