Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nothing to Say.

The title of my post should be sufficient to answer any questions you might have. It has come to my attention, however, that a certain eager follower has taken to checking my blog daily, only to find it empty day after day, a la "The Mailbox" (that horrifically sad church-produced video about the old lady who checks her mailbox every day and never gets any mail and then dies - you know the one). Well, I never could stomach The Mailbox or its message, so I hereby vow to give this blog thing a little more effort. Disclaimer: it is requisite that some quality be sacrificed in the name of quantity. We've all been to Sizzler, we all know this. In other words, I can't promise that my forthcoming entries are going to be as rhetorically awesome as they've been in the past, but sometimes even junk mail is better than no mail, right?

I thought I'd get us started with some good old picture-narrations of recent-happenings, kind of like my last post part 2. Yay!
Yes, we made it. Sometime in mid-February it became clear to myself and my roommate Stephanie that school-time was over and that it was, indeed, Disneyland-time. So, in true no-children-or-other-serious-obligations-spontaneous-college-student fashion, we took our boys and we went. And can I just say, that place seriously is so happy. I swear they downgraded the castle since last time I went, and I really didn't remember there being so many Mexicans, but no matter - it was, truly, magical.

Matterhorn! Slightly lamer than we all remembered, but still charming in its own way. That abominable snowman gets me every time.

You can probably tell, from this next series of pictures, why the teacups were yet again my favorite ride.

I was so brave this trip! Not only did I go on Space Mountain and Screamin' (the monster roller coaster at California Adventure) for the first time, but, arguably the longest time in coming, I went on the Snow White ride.

As you can see, the old hag is still as scary as ever, but I'm working on it. I even allowed myself to be compelled to take a picture with her in her non-hag form.

And finally, real-life nuns having fun! You better believe I chased them down with my roommate's camera for a photo of them entering the line for Star Tours. This was the closest picture I could get without being too obvious and/or offensive. They walked with a very determined pace, too, as if they somehow knew that people would inevitably stare in wonder and ask for pictures if they didn't move to their destination briskly.

In other recent happenings, my best friend forever Carol came to visit me for her spring break! I just love her. Her visit serendipitously coincided with the annual Holi Krishna Festival of Colors that the Hindus hold every year at their temple in Spanish Fork. This was my second year of attending and let me tell you, the Hindus throw a mean party. Basically, every year the local Hindus have all these packages of colored chalk imported from India, and, at the appointed time, we all gather on the temple grounds and throw aforementioned chalk at each other, to celebrate the coming of spring and some other stuff that I don't remember. A massive Hindu dance party immediately follows. Henna tattoos are administered, chanting ensues, people climb onto roofs and dance like crazies. It is the perfect flamboyant outlet for us conservative BYU students.

We took this one just as an errant puff of chalk exploded over our heads. Good times, good times.


Tiffany said...

Yay! Mishtown is back. There is plenty of quality and wit to go around in your posts so I'm happy to see a little quality sacrificed for quantity's sake. You can afford it. And I can't afford to keep checking my empty mailbox every day.

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Joe and Christie said...

"The Mailbox " is so sad, I remember it all too well.
The good news is, nuns are indeed having fun! I'm glad that calendar was not portraying a falsehood.
Miss ya, Meh.